6 May 2015 Comments Off on Business Partner Conflict

Business Partner Conflict

Do you have a business partner who is driving you crazy? Do you find yourself in the same cycle of anger and withdrawal over and over again? Are you ready to call it quits? Well don’t. Business partners are a rare bunch and their partnership is a lot like a marriage. Trust, communication and empathy are necessary to be able to work well together. I read an article recently that stated that many business partners in tech companies are heading for couples counseling to resolve longstanding or ingrained patterns of conflict. We are all human and any time we are faced with another person, there is possibility for disagreement, misunderstanding, hurt or betrayal. In business, this involves time, money and productivity so there is a lot at stake. Frequently, just learning how to listen or state your case in a way that is direct and empathic will melt conflict away. And, often, just learning how what you are saying is affecting your business partner may shift you into being kinder. Most of us don’t know how we are coming across at work especially if we grew up in homes where it wasn’t safe to be vulnerable or honest. In fact, work can often feel like a repeat of your childhood home complete with misunderstandings, power plays and no one to teach you how to repair. Let me help you and your business partner learn how to talk to each other, listen and repair conflict. In the safety of my office or yours, you will learn how to express years of tied up feelings and hurts that have kept you and your business partner apart. If you and your business partner are ready to shift your relationship for the better, feel free to call me at 847.491.1111 or e.mail me at nanlcsw@gmail.com. It’s not too late!