1 June 2020 Comments Off on Six Ways to Find Relationship Sanity During the Corona Virus

Six Ways to Find Relationship Sanity During the Corona Virus

Love in the time of Corona is challenging. Many of us are used to connecting with our significant others a few times a day but it’s the rare couple that faces face- to -face contact all day. Now, that you are staying in, it is important to find ways to stay happy and sane in […]

27 May 2016 Comments Off on Listening Heals

Listening Heals

Listening heals. According to David Isay, founder of Storycorps, an organization that is based on interviewing people, “Listening is an act of love….a commitment…” He goes on to say that it takes energy. Most people consider listening a passive experience; just sitting there doing nothing while someone talks at them. For those folks, listening is […]

18 January 2016 Comments Off on Parents Who Need Too Much

Parents Who Need Too Much

Are you constantly avoiding multiple, texts, calls, e.mails or visits from your parents? Do you feel guilty for saying “No” or having a separate life? If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you have parents that need too much and are parenting your own parents.  In psychology this is called a […]

6 May 2015 Comments Off on Business Partner Conflict

Business Partner Conflict

Do you have a  business partner who is driving you crazy?  Do you find yourself in the same cycle of anger and withdrawal over and over again?  Are you ready to call it quits? Well don’t. Business partners are a rare bunch and their partnership is a lot like a marriage.  Trust, communication and empathy […]

14 July 2014 Comments Off on Couples Counseling Works

Couples Counseling Works

Couples Counseling Works If you have tried couples counseling and it didn’t work, this could be the result of many factors. Perhaps one of you wasn’t really interested in staying together or, maybe, you or your partner were having an affair at the time. In either case, no therapist can help you unless you are 100% […]

5 May 2014 Comments Off on The “Ouch” That Saved Me

The “Ouch” That Saved Me

I’m Blogging Because Mental health matters   When I was 20, I dropped out of college and felt lost.  Confused and sad, I went to a therapist. When she saw me, the first thing she said was “Ouch!”  I knew right away that she got me.  That I wouldn’t have to spend hours explaining myself […]

20 March 2014 Comments Off on COUPLES THERAPY EXPLAINED


So you’ve been thinking about  going to couples therapy because you’re tired of the same old arguments that end up in angry outbursts and blame. Yet, you’ve heard that couples therapy can lead to conflict, chaos or even divorce.  So you keep putting it off. Well, I’m here to tell you that couples counseling usually […]

17 December 2013 Comments Off on When Partners Cheat

When Partners Cheat

If you are the partner or spouse of someone who has been unfaithful, you probably feel shocked, enraged, betrayed, ashamed and grief-stricken. And, you may feel confused and hopeless about the future of your relationship. Well, before you contemplate ending your relationship I have some hopeful statistics to share. When partners cheat, most marriages or […]

4 June 2013 Comments Off on WHEN YOUR SPOUSE HAS A.D.D


When your spouse has A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder), you know how it can complicate any relationship. Despite your emotional commitment or deep love for this person, you may feel angry and confused much of the time. You may even think they are child-like and irresponsible. But if you try to understand that their brain is […]

22 April 2013 Comments Off on Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Relationship management is no different than stress management except that you focus on THE LEVEL OF STRESS IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP rather than within yourself. Relationship Management or awareness is a must if you are going to maintain an on-going bond of love  and emotional honesty between you and your partner. To keep your love flowing, […]