27 August 2020 Comments Off on Six Ways To Enhance Your Long-Distance Relationship

Six Ways To Enhance Your Long-Distance Relationship

Whether you’ve been dating for months or married for years, here are some creative ways to ensure that absence makes your heart grow fonder.

  1. Use social media platforms like Facetime or Zoom to stay connected.
    Surprisingly, just making Virtual eye contact through social media can trigger Oxytocin, the feel good and bonding hormone that helps couples feel close. According to Paul Zak, a professor at Claremont Graduate University in California, video conferencing is about 80% effective in producing Oxytocin. And, Professor Shelley Taylor of UCLA states, “The anticipated social contact like a FaceTime call, may result in bursts of the hormone.” Video platforms are more powerful than we know.
  2. Have A meaningful Conversation.
    While it’s important to catch up on the latest current and family events, don’t forget to let your partner know how you feel about him/her/them. Tell your partner what you miss most about them like how it feels to sleep without them or eat breakfast alone. Perhaps you can also share the loneliness, isolation or fatigue you are experiencing.
  3. Be Vulnerable. It Connects Us.
    Having worked with many couples over my thirty years in practice,It is clear that speaking from the heart about our fears, our shame, our love or joy connects us. Assuming you are with a partner that you feel safe with, sharing your deepest feelings with them helps them empathize and understand you better. And, frequently, when you start to share, your partner may begin to open up too.
  4. Have Some Fun.
    Playing games online isn’t just an activity that connects you, it can help relieve stress too. Playing games like: Words With Friends, You Don’t Know Jack, Uno, Cards Against Humanity and Skribbl are bonding even though you are apart. Just anticipating your partner’s next move, will help you feel closer. You can even eat dinner together virtually while you are play.
  5. Make A Book For Your Partner.
    There’s nothing like receiving a book about yourself from your partner through FaceTime or Zoom. Just take a few index cards, punch holes on the left side and put twist-ties in the holes to bind it. Title it: Why you’re the greatest or What I miss Most About You. Paste magazine pictures or words on each card. When you’re finished, hold each page up to the camera. Your partner will be touched and may even decide to write one for you.
  6. Plan A Future Trip.
    Decide where your next vacation will be. Both of you can do research and compare notes. If you don’t have the funds right now, plan an imaginary vacation in an exotic land depicting the birds and flowers endemic to that place. Being creative together joins you and seeing beautiful images relieves stress. Planning a lovely trip gives you both something to dream about together.

Nancy Simon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been treating individuals, and couples for over thirty years. If you found this article helpful, please pass it along to others. If you would like to contact Nancy, you can e.mail her at: nanlcsw@gmail.com.