15 October 2012 0 Comments

Understand & Heal Your Depression

The word “depression” is highly overused in our culture. When we try to understand depression, we may think, “sad, lonely, lazy, despairing, helpless and even suicidal.” But if we shift out of that paradigm and think of the literal meaning of this word, depression is a “pushing down.” Rather than thinking of yourself as depressed which is somewhat pejorative, try to understand yourself as holding your feelings down, numbing out and disconnecting as a way to protect your core self. Generally, unless someone has a biological or genetic depression, those who are depressed often come from environments that have not made it safe for them to express their feelings. So, when you learn to shut your feelings down, you become emotionally paralyzed, stuck, dis-empowered or depressed. Thinking of depression as a problem of dis-empowerment is actually very hopeful. Why? Because most anyone can learn to become empowered with patience and a good teacher or therapist. Yes, it is difficult to cope with depression but when you learn that expressing your self is safe and begin speaking up for yourself, your depression usually lifts. This is not for the faint of heart, though. But, if you allow yourself to be with your dark thoughts and feelings, you will be amazed at how your load lightens. Depression can be a huge gift to your life if you are open to having a relationship with it. Part of that process is inviting your depression to speak to you and let you know all that it has been through. Again this takes time but once the floodgates open, this is the beginning of understanding and healing your depression.
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