30 March 2013 Comments Off on WHY COUPLES FIGHT


Have you ever wondered why many couples fight?  Are they just with the wrong person or what?  Well, actually, arguing with your partner or disagreeing with them is healthy as long as no one plays the “blame game” or uses put downs.  Disagreeing is one way to be heard, assert your ideas and feel empowered. […]

25 January 2013 Comments Off on Marital Affair Repair

Marital Affair Repair

If your spouse has had a marital affair, there may be hope for repair. It is not a quick fix but if you both are willing to do the hard work of marital therapy, many couples can stay together. When your spouse has strayed, you may find yourself feeling everything from rage and embarrassment to […]

12 January 2013 24 Comments

Highly Sensitive Partners

Love can be tricky when you have fallen for a Highly Sensitive partner. Is your significant other upset by loud noises, strong odors and bright lights? Does he or she shy away from crowds? If the answer is yes to many of these, your partner might fit into the Highly Sensitive category. As a rule, […]

9 January 2013 16 Comments

Cleanse Your Relationships

What does it mean to cleanse your relationships? Maybe you’ve tried to “cleanse” your body of toxins or your house from clutter but you might not realize that your relationships need some clean up too. Have you been clinging to old relationships that no longer work out of fear? How often have you felt that […]

10 December 2012 27 Comments

The Highly Sensitive Person

If this title caught your eye, you may be one of the 15 to 20% of the population who experiences life with heightened awareness and gets overwhelmed easily. You may get into a car and insist that the music be turned down and the sunroof be closed back up. Perhaps perfumes, noises and strong voices […]

28 November 2012 15 Comments

Premarital Counseling

What is premarital counseling? Whether you are single and in a serious relationship or engaged and awaiting your wedding day, premarital counseling can help you navigate the exciting yet sometimes choppy waters of relationships. Oftentimes, couples feel like they keep doing the same emotional dance over and over but are unsure how to stop it. […]

13 November 2012 14 Comments

Victim or Survivor

Are you a victim or survivor? Some weeks ago, as I was listening to the radio, I heard a doctor talking about people “being prayed upon” perhaps related to surgery or a medical procedure. Interesting choice of words, I thought, change one letter and you have “preyed upon.” PREYED upon or PRAYED upon. The words […]

5 November 2012 21 Comments

Alone or Lonely

Do you feel alone or lonely? Often we use these words interchangeably yet each has a quite a different meaning. Lonely is when you have a partner, friends, a job you like and a connection to yourself but you feel sad when others aren’t around. Alone, on the other hand, is a feeling of being […]

2 November 2012 20 Comments

Why Group Therapy?

Many people have no idea why group therapy might be a viable option for them. And, after viewing all sorts of reality television shows, you might get the wrong idea of what actually occurs. So, what is the benefit of Group Therapy over Individual Therapy? Or why not Both? Actually, there are numerous benefits to […]

31 October 2012 20 Comments

Saying “No”

Do you have difficulty saying “No?” Do you feel guilty and bad about yourself when you do? Saying “No” is important. How often are you afraid to say “No” to your spouse, child, teenager, boss, neighbor or friend and later feel angry that you didn’t? If you grew up in a family where “No” was […]